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Safety Corner

Every year, nearly 1 million children die from injuries. Tens of millions more require hospital care for non-fatal injuries. Many are left with permanent disabilities or brain damage. More children die of injuries than die of cancer, asthma and infectious diseases combined.

Injuries affect children of all ages. Girls and boys under 5 years of age are at particular risk more boys than girls. The most common injuries are traffic injuries, burns and falls, poisoning and drowning. Traffic injuries are the leading causes of injuries and death among children.  .

Every day children are hurt, when interacting with products in their daily environments. Many environments that children are exposed to, contain various dangers that could lead to severe or fatal injuries. For children between 0- 5 years old, the most common place where they get injured is in or around their homes.

Children explore their surroundings with great curiosity unaware of all the risks that exist around them. For this reason we as adults need to keep a step ahead to prevent accidents. Small children will always hurt themselves, it is a part of growing up, but as adults we can prevent and minimize the accidents, especially the dangerous ones with catastrophic aftermaths.

Many of the injuries can be prevented by being aware of them constant supervision and safety equipment for the home, safety car safety seats, pedestrian reflectors, bike helmets and safe toys.

Convention of the Rights of the Child art. 24 state, that children have the right to safe environments.

Playtime Seychelles promotes safety

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