Safety on Road


Be Visible Be Safe!


Children are the most vulnerable of the pedestrians. More children between the ages 5-14 die as a result of being struck by a motor vehicle than from any other cause, natural or accidental. Small children because of their size and that their cognitive and perceptual abilities are not fully developed. Elderly children and youngsters because they often are distracted by headsets, mobile phones and walking in groups talking and not focusing on the traffic. They are also more often out on the streets in the evening after nightfall.

The reflectors have in fact been used all over Scandinavia for over 40 years and have proved to cut down the number of accidents between pedestrian and motor vehicles to half. Today personal pedestrian reflectors are used in many countries in the world and they are a cheap life insurance!

Both human suffering and the costs for society in the form of hospital care, disabilities etc. can be reduced by introducing and encouraging children to use a pedestrian reflector.   

Pedestrian reflectors can make it much safer and help prevent accidents where children and traffic meets

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