Safety in the home

The home is known as a safe place, but it is here the most accidents happen especially with small children, Every day children are hurt when interacting with products in their daily environments. The most common accidents among small children are injuries caused by falling, poisoning, suffocation, cuts and burns.

Small children will always hurt themselves, it is a part of growing up, but as adults we can prevent and minimize the accidents, especially the dangerous ones with catastrophic aftermaths.

Why do children have accidents?

Because children are often absorbed in their own immediate interests they can be oblivious to their surroundings. They only have a limited perception of the environment because of their lack of experience or development. They are not aware of the consequences of the many new situations that they encounter daily. Curiosity and a spirit of adventure may lead a child into danger .A child’s interpretation of a situation may be inaccurate and adults looking after small children should be aware not to expect too much of them.

Children need constant supervision.

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